About Us

For over 45 years, PFS has played a leading role in helping the wood-related construction industry achieve greater quality and safety. PFS evaluates and certifies a broad range of products and structures, including all types of engineered wood products, wood building components, and industrialized
building systems.

Your success as a manufacturer is our primary goal at PFS. Our commitment to you is reflected in our mission:
  • To expand and enhance recognition of the PFS trademark as the premier certification mark for wood-based building products. This will benefit manufacturers by strengthening the marketability of their products.
  • To help manufacturers use state-of-the-art quality control techniques to produce the most consistent quality products.
  • To provide training for manufacturers’ quality control staff in these techniques, and in product and international quality standards.
  • To encourage protection and preservation of the environment. Natural resources and natural beauty belong to everyone, including future generations.
Engineered wood products do not pose threats to endangered species for old growth trees. They minimize waste by using as many parts of the tree as possible, including what is otherwise seen as “waste” growth. They also require less energy to manufacture than other construction materials, and use one of the world’s most managed and renewable resources. We applaud and encourage all industry efforts to seek even greater efficiency.

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Headquarters: Cottage Grove, Wisconsin
Phone: 608.839.1013
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