Headquarters » Administration


PFS Corporation

1507 Matt Pass
Cottage Grove, WI 53527
Phone: 608.839.1013
Fax: 608.839.1014

PFS Administrative Staff

Jim Husom , President
Jean Mooney, A/P, Human Resources
Jodi Gulling, A/R


Services Offered:

Manufactured Structures
HUD Manufactured Homes
Building Components
Structural Insulated Panels
Engineered Wood Products
Permanent Wood Foundations
Treated Wood Inspection Program
Kitchen Cabinet Fabricators
Fire Tested Products
Window and Door Program
Hardwood Plywood Panels and Composite Assemblies
Formaldehyde Emissions of Wood Products
HUD Manufactured Home Truss Program
Heating and Cooling Appliances
Construction Adhesive Manufacturers
Truss Inspection Program
California Factory-Constructed Modular Program

We have expert witness and forensic consulting services available.

PFS client manufacturers are listed in the PFS Listing Directory and in client listings on the regional offices pages.

Headquarters: Cottage Grove, Wisconsin
Phone: 608.839.1013
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