Midwest Office (Wisconsin)

Ron Reindl, R.A.
Vice President
PFS Corporation
1507 Matt Pass
Cottage Grove, WI 53527
Phone: 608.839.1170
Fax: 608.839.1014
e-mail: rreindl@pfscorporation.com

Products Division Staff:

Ron Reindl, AIA, Vice President
Pam Brugger, Administrative Assistant and Office Manager
1 Registered Architect
2 Area Training Supervisors
4 Quality Assurance Inspectors
6 Part Time Quality Assurance Field Inspectors
2 Registered Engineers


Services Offered:

  • Document Review – Perform review on Q.C. Manuals, Specifications, Installation Manuals, Test Data, Structural Data, Trusses, Etc.
  • Field Inspections – Provided at the manufacturer's plant for modular, mobile, closed-panel construction, and products
  • Engineering – Available to architects, builders and manufacturers when needed
  • Consulting – Provided for architects, engineers, builders and manufacturers in areas of model code submittals; offer expertise in developing, organizing, and submitting data necessary to achieve model code approval on products
  • Forensic Engineering – Related to residential and commercial wood frame construction  
  • Engineered Wood Products Consulting – Including product development, structural and fire testing, and quality control

Headquarters: Cottage Grove, Wisconsin
Phone: 608.839.1013
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