Access Plans Online

PFS Customers can now submit plans, check status, and submit revisions to plans electronically over the web. If this is your first time using Qfile, click "Request Login" below. PFS staff will send you an email containing your login and password. In order to access PFS Qfile, click the proper link below:

Using PFS Qfile you can:
  • Create New Plans
  • Upload Electronic Documents
  • Check the status of a Plan Review
  • Submit Electronic Revisions to Deviated Plans
  • View your plan history
  • Click 'Request Login' above to get started!


To log in to the PFS web site and upload new plans or check the status of existing plans, go to". Use the login that you recieved from PFS and the password that was assigned to you. From there, you can look at your account information, or click New Plan to create a new plan.

New Plan

When creating a new plan, fill out the fields to the best of your ability, and attach a PDF in the "Latest Plan" box. The file will be electronically transmitted and PFS will review your project, ask any questions if needed, and begin working on your Plan.

View Plan

You can check back periodically to view the status of your Plan by logging in using the instructions above and clicking on the plan.

Update Plan

On your 'My Account' page you will see a list of Plans Being Reviewed and Plans Awaiting Customer. For Plans Awaiting Customer, you can click the +A Button to send the plan back to the reviwer. You will be prompted to add your notes.

Note: This documentation is a work in progress, updated 6/9.

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