Headquarters » Quality Control

James A. Rothman, PE
Senior Vice President, Quality Control
1507 Matt Pass
Cottage Grove, WI 53527
Phone: 608.839.1344
Fax: 608.839.1345
e-mail: jrothman@pfscorporation.com

PFS Quality Control Department Staff:

James A. Rothman, PE, Senior Vice President, Quality Control
Robert Gorleski, EIT, General Manager, Manufactured Structures Division
Eddie McKinney, IPIA Coordinator
Paul Tibbits, DAPIA Coordinator
Debbie Stephenson, Assistant, Plan Review

Services Offered:

  • Provides secure electronic plan review and monitors client manufacturers’ quality control programs
  • Performs internal audits of PFS’ own operations
  • Offers national seminars and customized, on-site training for QC inspectors

Headquarters: Cottage Grove, Wisconsin
Phone: 608.839.1013
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